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About Freddy Fox Adventures

The Freddy Fox Adventures are a series of books and apps developed by myself with help from my little girl.

Based around our main character Freddy Fox, but always involving help a cast of his friends, family and helpful Wiggly Wood residents.

Originally planned as a series of books, I got distracted with the idea of turning them into apps for my daughter to play with. So the first book and app ( mostly the app ) have taken a while to complete.

We're hoping 2019 will see us catch up a bit…

Freddy Fox Lost His Conkers

Freddy has been gathering conkers in the Wiggly Wood but his sack had a hole in it. He's lost all but one on his way home. Help Freddy retrace his steps and find the lost conkers before teatime.

Available NOW on both iOS App Store and Google Play - Hooray!

Freddy Fox goes to town

Mummy Fox needs help with her shopping. Freddy must find all the items on the shopping list and return home to collect his reward.

Coming soon - honest

Freddy Fox's Christmas Adventure

Father Christmas has crashed his sleigh in the Wiggly Wood. Help Freddy find all the tools and parts to make repairs before Christmas morning!

Coming soon - so behind with these!

Freddy Fox goes to school

Freddy Fox has started school. Help Freddy and his friends get to lessons and find the key to the lost and found cupboard to reclaim Freddy's lost yo-yo.

Coming soon - I had such plans ;-)